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Our Alpacas

Yogi, Booboo, Ranger & Django.

Our four resident alpacas were all born in summer 2021.

Yogi – White (unless he’s been rolling in the mud) Yogi will come over to say hello he is not too confident with new people but is happy to see what is happening. He takes everything in his stride always the last to arrive for food and the one who likes to cush (sit down) the most.

Booboo – Light Brown

Booboo loves to be around people, will come and give you a hand when you’re trying to get various jobs done (not always helpful). He’s the biggest but the softest and if there’s a chance to escape, he will give it a go. Booboo loves to have a fuss made of him.

Ranger – Darker Brown

Ranger doesn’t miss trick he loves his food and will always be the first to arrive when the foods out. Ranger likes to say hello to our guests and will happily have his neck stroked.

D’Jango – Black

D’Jango likes to come over to meet our guests but at the same time although still very cautious, he would rather sniff your hand than let you touch him.

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